VSCO and Snapseed - how and why to use these apps

Welcome back! I've missed you!

OK, really it was me that disappeared there for a little while. I over-estimated my ability to blog and podcast while traveling. My travel schedule has calmed down a bit so I am back, full speed ahead. And I want to jump into a series about free phone apps I love to use for my social media posts!

Today we will talk about VSCO and Snapseed. Both of these are photo editing apps that can make the photos you take look better. They are not photoshop and won't change the content of the image (those will come later!) but instead just brighten or straighten or adjust colors for photos you have taken. If you have been around Instagram a long time, you may have heard of both of these, but I want to give you some examples of what they do and also my suggestions on how to use them best.

VSCO is a very very very (did I say very?) popular app for many of the Instagram lifestyle influencers. These are the people who make money just by showing how fabulous their life is on Instagram. Like the Kardashians. They post photos of themselves and their amazing lives and they use VSCO to make sure the whole Instagram feed has the same feel across all the images. For example, if you look at this woman's Instagram feed, every photo has the same soft feel. That's a VSCO preset. (What's a preset? You are about to find out!)

Let's jump into VSCO with one of my photos.

I'm not usually this healthy! But I'm trying to change my ways. This was a Whole30 food haul!

This is a photo I took yesterday. I upload it into VSCO and choose to edit it and I have some choices. First I see some filter presets. These are templates that have been created that may not only tint the image slightly, but also may include higher/lower contrast, brightness, etc.

Then I have some editing choices as well, like exposure, contrast, adjust, etc...

I brought the clarity way to the right, which sharpened this image immensely. I then brought the colors to the highest saturation.