10 ways artists can use Instagram Stories

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Stories are crazy popular on Instagram. Maybe you are already using them, or maybe you have no idea what they are and where to find them. Either way, using them smartly and effectively can bring your customers or community closer and help to get your art into the hands of collectors (and out of your house/studio/gallery)!

First some basics

UPDATE: there are some changes that took place immediately after this was published. These types of app updates happen. Often. Check the bottom of this post for updates.

Stories on Instagram are the perishable photos and videos indicated by a pink ring around a user's profile image. When you are viewing your Instagram feed, you will notice them at the top as a set of circles. Clicking into them will start a string of continuously playing content from those accounts (or hashtags) that you follow. In each set of stories, there are a number of dashes across the top that indicate the number of stories in that set. The set may belong to an individual, a hashtag, or even a location (although location stories must be accessed through search or clicking a location tag at this time).

Stories can be photos or videos of up to 15 seconds in length. After the time period is up, the next story is queued automatically. When viewing from an account, hashtag or location, the stories will finish when the content of that users/hashtag/place finishes, but when viewing them from the top of your feed, the stories will continue through to the end of all of your follows if left alone.

To give yourself more time to read a story, simply hold down a finger on the story and it will freeze in place. Tapping on the right of a story screen will go to the next story and tapping to the left will go back one story. Swiping will skip to the next set of stories in your feed, and swiping back will return you to the previous set.