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A little help from your friends...

Is the ever changing landscape of social media turning out to be more than you bargained for? Whether you are a beginner to digital marketing or a long time user of the social stratosphere - the constant updates and uprooted feeling associated with the shifting terms and conditions (not to mention the settings) can leave you feeling annoyed before you log in.

What is most beneficial for artists learning to market their products online is the support of a community of creative individuals who understands what they are dealing with. When you get into your business your excitement drives the craft, however when faced with the daunting task of learning new technology and integrating them for sales, the sunny vision that initially drove you can begin to get a bit cloudy and confusing.

Don’t worry - there’s help right here! Our group was founded with the goal of helping artists become self-sustainable. Straight from our Curious Kirby website - “Our vision is to see a world in which artists have financial freedom to pursue their creative work without pressure and to enable those with artistic aspirations to realize their success. We realize artists not only work in many different mediums, but come from various backgrounds and have unique goals. We will help you get there.”

Our crew of diversely creative individuals are based all over the world and join each other weekly to discuss art and learn about the most effective ways of selling art online and locally. Running a small business can be intimidating when you think of the big picture and all you need to get going, so our group helps break it down into actionable steps to get you moving.

For example; this last Monday we discussed the constant updates occurring with both Facebook and Instagram and how to keep up to date on how the recent changes affect you. We also went over in depth the differences between a Creator Account and a Business Account on Instagram - which are mostly related to music licensing privilege being limited with a Business Account and much more free for a Creator Account.

Each of the social media outlets has its own style of operation and people who are drawn to using it. We often discuss where it is best for artists to put their efforts and what we can do to best maximize our time as creators so we can enjoy most of our time doing the art and less fussing over the advertising aspect of things. We want to help you learn how to draw fans to your site and your social media with minimal effort - simply by being you!

Come join us! Search Curious Kirby Creatives on Facebook and request to join our private group to collaborate with our supportive community of artists from all over. Our founder Kirby is a technological guru who loves leading folks into the frontier of the digital realm. She is eager to meet you and learn about your unique art - come say hello!



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