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Creating with Curved Words in Canva

Capture your audience’s attention with a different twist on your usual posts - create with curved words in Canva! This feature is simple to use and allows you to break up text into varying artistic ways to get your message across with style.

2. Click on Create a design

3. Click on Instagram Reels

4. Click on Background color

5. Select the color you'd like to use

6. Click on Elements

7. Drop in whatever elements you like

8. Layer elements for added interest

9. Click on Text

10. Click on Add a heading

11. Add your text

12. Click on Text color

13. Select your color choice

14. Select your font size

15. Select your font

16. Click on Effects

17. Click on Curve

18. Drag to the right to curve the text down, to the left to curve up

This week's blog post was made that much easier as a visual representation due to Tango. No monetization here, just an honest review of a useful tool that Kirby discovered for our team that has been super helpful. If you ever need to create visual workflows for others to see what you've done - give it a try ;) Until next week, happy creating! <3 Heidi



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