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Dedicated to helping individual artists become self sustainable.



Our mission is simple: Help artists sell their art.

Our focus is limited to those with the best Return On Investment: 

  • Social Media

  • Email Lists

  • Websites

  • Internet Sales and Promotion


Our vision: to see a world in which artists have financial freedom to pursue their creative work without pressure and to enable those with artistic aspirations to realize their success.

We realize artists not only work in many different mediums, but come from various backgrounds and have unique goals. We will help you get there.


Our three core values:

INTEGRITY: we stay true to our mission and our clients and will work with 100% honesty at all times.

ILLUMINATION: we educate as well build. There is no magic sauce, and we will be transparent in all conduct.

PRINCIPLED ACTION: we are punctual, reliable and always communicative.

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