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Artist Newsletters with Carol Tenwalde and Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

"If something weird is going to happen, it is going to happen to a Tenwalde" Something delightfully weird happened to Carol Tenwalde when Cate Blanchett wore a statement necklace that looks remarkably similar to Carol's Twisted Sister design. Carol's phone and inbox lit up with messages from friends, family, and followers of her newsletter. Newsletters are a key way for photographer Judith Rothenstein-Putzer to stay in touch with the community surrounding her alcohol transfer artwork, too. While Carol and Judith have unique perspectives about how to publish an artist's newsletter, they both love to reconnect with old and new friends through the art and stories featured in their newsletters.

Listen to our latest podcast for creative insight about what it takes to build a newsletter following and how valuable a newsletter can be for every artist.

Carol Tenwalde

A lifelong crafter, Carol has a bold style and likes to create and wear unique one-of-a-kind jewelry that stands out from the crowd. From creating her family's Halloween costumes to decorating for the local dance club, Carol found a passion for creativity. "As I got older, I fell in love with giving my creations to the people I cared most about. There is no better gift to give or receive than that of something you have created." Now, Carol takes beading to the next level, creating beautiful one-of-a-kind statement necklaces using interesting combinations of gemstones, beads, and fibers and inventing a special twisted wire technique she calls "The Twisted Sister." It makes a beautiful statement piece. Every necklace is original!

Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

Judith retired from a successful Occupational Therapy career about ten years ago and returned to her roots as an art major. A juried member of the Sonoran Arts League and the Arizona Art Alliance, she has exhibited in several galleries in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Rothenstein-Putzer and her husband love to travel, which provides many photo opportunities in addition to the ones she finds in her own backyard. At school Judith explored a variety of media, but “was smitten by the magic of photography the first time I set foot in the darkroom.” She moved from film to digital and kept pushing the envelope more, discovering the technique of Alcohol Transfers through local art workshops. Rothenstein-Putzer describes the process as a "hybrid between photography and printmaking." With additional experimentation, she discovered that adding pen and ink to the final image makes the colors pop and images more 3-dimensional. Each image is one-of-a-kind.

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