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Brand Kits - Why Artists Need Them

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

A brand kit is both a file and a mental exercise.

A brand kit is something you can send to anyone who is helping you with your marketing to make sure everyone is on the same page. But it is also something you create for yourself so that you walk through the items that will keep your brand focused and consistent.

It makes you identify the "ideal customer" and formulate your message so that you resonate with those who love and purchase your art. It's as much a mental workout as anything and it can be brutally difficult. But once you have it created, it can guide you and it will make everything else you do much much easier. That includes your social media all the way through to your advertisements and website design.

It can guide you but also others on how you want your brand to be seen. No more long emails trying to explain yourself to your graphic designer, no more micro-managing the marketing intern. Give them your brand kit and know they are at least on the right track from the get go.

But how to create the brand kit? What does it need? How much info, and what info, do we need to add to it?

It's easier than you think. Canva. My solution to everything.

No, just kiding, but in this case, Canva really can come to the rescue. Look for the branding templates in Canva. Instead of selecting a size, type in "Brand Guidelines Presentation" and select that option. You will see a number of brand kit options that you can take and modify to fit your needs.

I chose one that I liked and changed EVERYTHING. I changed the colors, I changed all the names and icons. Changed the logos. But in order to change everything, it required that I think about what I was changing those things to... what would that be for my own brand?

Take a look at my own brand kit on Canva. You can see all the sections to personalize. I actually removed a few from the template that did not apply to me. And in the future I might add content when I come across a need. It's flexible and changeable as I continue through my business life.

Yours can be too. If you would like, just click the three dots on my brand kit and copy it to your own Canva account and start changing the colors and information.

Tip: When you change the main page or text color, look for the box to check at the bottom of the colors panel to change all of the pages and text at once.

Upload and drag you logos and images into the spots where mine are currently, and start updating the text with your information.

I'd say it is easy, but the Canva part is easy - getting your decisions made for the content might not be.

But it is so worth the effort!

If you are not finding the Canva part of it easy, let us know. We are starting to create branding kits for our customers for $145. (This does not include logo creation. We will require you to go to a graphic designer and get a logo made. But once you have that - come talk to us about the brand kit.) We will interview you, ask for some files (including logo files) and get the kit created.



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