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Creative Conundrum

Sometimes no matter what you do it seems like time is passing by too fast to do what you want to do. If you’ve been caught in the endless hustle and want to carve out some more creative time, but get frustrated staring at a blank slate (or old projects…) then read on for tips on how to overcome this less obvious obstacle to creative cultivation.

Life with all of its many demands of us keeps a fairly constant barrage of important tasks hurled our way at an ever-increasing pace. Even if you carefully plan out time to create, what happens when you sit there stuck because now that you finally have this time, you don’t know what to make? It can be a stagnating feeling, because as you sit there, all prepped and ready for art time…your mind is a sea of quiet - and not in the good, meditative zen way. More in the cricket sounds at a standup routine sort of way...awkward.

There are certain things that can exacerbate this feeling prior to ever sitting down to create - so see if you’re guilty of any of these (I know I certainly have been!).

  • You have clutter all around you that blocks you from properly using your space

  • Tons of half finished projects stare at you accusingly as you try to create a new one

  • Not nearly enough time is being spent in nature for inspiration and relaxation

  • Allowing pressing issues/problems to enter your mind during creative time

  • Getting frustrated when things aren’t flowing right and ditching the creative time early

These are fairly common issues among artists. I know I’ve heard “a cluttered desk is an active mind” quite often…but in this instance it can be tricky, in that “you can't see the forest for the trees'' kind of way. If your studio space is scattered with the remnants of old projects but lacks the room for current creative sustenance, it will quickly become stifling. If you have every moment of your day scheduled to the brim but never get a moment for a leisurely stroll in nature, you’ll also feel the sting of a lack of creativity. Here are some solutions to these issues to get you back on track to making something new as often as possible!

  • Fully clear out of your space and put only things back which you are truly excited about using in the next 6 months. This can be a challenge but try & you’ll be amazed!

  • Recognize that you may have moved on from your old art styles, and that’s ok! Let them go, rework them in your new style or destroy them, but don’t allow them to trip you up anymore. Clear out the old clutter for new passion projects to emerge.

  • Go outside and take a stroll, even just 5 minutes to clear your head. Notice the flora and fauna all around you to get the creative juices flowing. So much goes unnoticed!

  • Let it go! If you have a bunch going on in your life, be grateful for the chance to overcome those obstacles at a later time. But for now, you want to clear your mind of all the stress to allow creativity to bloom. Overthinking stomps out natural idea flow.

  • Make yourself stay during art sessions and continue to create whatever you are able to - even if you think it’s “bad art”. Doodle, draw, play with color. The only way to get better is to continue trying. The old adage is true - practice makes perfect!

Every artist experiences the dearth of creative flow from time to time. The key to overcome the mindset of frustration is to shift it to allowing. Give yourself the time to enjoy nature without any demands. Grant yourself the gift of a clean slate and get rid of anything holding you back. Permit yourself to go with the flow and find your unique brand of magic again.

One of my favorite movies is Kiki’s Delivery Service and there’s an artist character that talks about the issue of “losing your magic” and how to regain it perfectly, so I’m including a pic quote here too. Get yourself out of your art rut by not worrying about art at all, but rather filling your soul up. Wishing you all the magical creativity your hearts can handle! <3 Heidi



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