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How to Brand Your Small Art Business with Jacki Cohen and Julie Bergman

Updated: May 7, 2021

This week, branding mavens Jacki Cohen and Julie Bergman discuss brand development - how-to, elements to consider, why branding is so important, and how to get the most out of your brand to grow your small business. Jacki Cohen of Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs and Julie Bergman of Coyote House Design share their knowledge and experience with us. When considering your brand, Julie points out, "There's a lot to think about with that. Who am I? What am I trying to sell? ...A lot of people want to know about you, your story along with your art."

Jacki Cohen - Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs "My favorite part of creating art is experiencing that magic moment when someone connects with a piece of my art. I receive such pleasure when my work brings a smile to someone’s face. I want my art to find its forever home and for the owners to smile every time they walk by it. My goal is to have my art create a small sphere of happiness in someone’s home or office or to be the perfect gift. I also love doing commissions. Creating custom work allows me to really get to know someone so we can create the perfect piece. I love what I do and I know how fortunate I am to have my passion for my career. When I am working in my studio, I will get so involved that time stands still." Julie Bergman - Coyote House Design With a B.F.A. in Visual Communications from Northern Arizona University and a B.S. in English Literature from Towson State University in Maryland, Julie is a natural problem-solver whether it is visual or technical as she taps into her more than 20 years of experience in graphic, web, and video design. Julie spent 10 years working in higher education for NAU, employed as a graphic designer and public affairs coordinator before opening Coyote House on the side in 2008. In 2011, Julie made the leap to being a full-time small business owner. The freelance graphic designer and owner of Coyote House Design is located in Cave Creek, AZ. Please enjoy the podcast and don't forget to join my art chats on Monday and Friday mornings 8 Pacific/11 Eastern and for Wednesday Happy Hour at 4 Pacific/7 Eastern. Monday chats have a topic, Friday is Zen Art Zoom, and Happy Hour is open to anything. To join, message me on Instagram (@curiouskirby or @kirbyplessasart) or join my Curious Kirby Creatives Facebook Group. Music: Michael Shynes Song: A Sweet Suspicion



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