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Instant Adverts

Did you know Canva has all kinds of features to make your photos as diverse as possible? One simple series of photos can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your marketing plan. Today we’ll be exploring the Background Remover tool available to Canva Pro accounts. If you want a Pro account but aren’t sure you’d get your money’s worth out of it on your own, be sure to join up with our group! We have an account just for our Curious Kirby members who choose to be a part of it. With this group account, you have access to our personal templates, as well as our Canva experts for help. Each week I also put a Pro tip video tutorial into our private Facebook group - Curious Kirby Creatives. Come join us, everyone is welcome!

This week I wanted to show how simple the Background Remover tool is and just how quickly you can create a basic advertisement using your image and this handy digital application. I created a fake “Fiat Club” ad for the Instagram Reel this week - a quick barebones Reel prepared in under 1 minute. Of course it could use some tweaking, but this is to prove to you that this technology needn't be time-consuming or overly complicated. The Background Remover tool is often one of those simple one-click, time saving tools (for the most part…more on that later though...)

  • Go to and click to begin a post. Any kind will work, though for the video example I did a traditional Instagram post. *Remember, this tool is for Pro accounts only, so be sure to visit our group Curious Kirby Creatives if you would like to join in!

  • Upload your photo to use the Background Remover tool on

  • Click “Edit Image” in the upper left corner

  • Select “Background Remover” (you may have to scroll to see it)

  • Remember to click “Apply”

As you can see for the Fiat example, this was a simple one-click and done situation. However it’s not always that easy, especially if you are a jewelry artist or have delicate, dainty or intricate work. The background of more detailed pieces such as these can be removed, it just requires a little extra effort on your part. Be sure to visit our Curious Kirby Creatives group on Facebook to see a video tutorial on how to deal with these trickier bits. Have a convivial time creating!

<3 Heidi



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