Mega Meta Podcast (The who what when where and why)

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Hello there!

Maybe you have found your way here because of the podcast or maybe you are one of our amazing customers or maybe you just came in through Google - either way, have I got some resources for you! Today we are going podcast crazy!

Whether you are new to podcasts or an old hat - this is the blog for you.

Now, seriously, I am a podcast addict. It's true. I've heard that once you admit to an addiction you are on the way to a cure, but I don't want to be cured of this one! I love podcasts. If you are not familiar with podcasting (although they've been going strong for the better part of two decades!), then think of it as a radio talk show on demand. In fact, I'd argue that they are much better than radio talk shows since those shows really depend on ratings right out of the gate and are often too extreme and sound-bitey for me. Instead, anyone can create a podcast and keep doing it as long as their own personal resources and will last. In this way there are tons of great independent podcasts that I love. There are also big podcast networks that support specific popular podcasts and tend to link a lot of the shows together to make it easier to find new podcasts. Finding new podcasts to listen to: that's probably the biggest hurdle to more widespread popularity, so after I describe how to get to podcasts, I will share my favorites as well.

I listen to podcasts while traveling and also while in my studio. They inform and entertain me while I work, drive or fly. They are easy to download, don't take up much storage space on a mobile device and can provide hours of listening please while you are otherwise busy.

Most podcasts are available to be listened to on their own website online, but the best experience is via the dozens of available podcast apps. Both the iPhone and Android phones have their own built in podcast app. These are good apps and will help you subscribe to podcasts so that you are notified when new episodes arrive. They also have search functions that will help you find new podcasts. But I personally love the Overcast app instead. I find the Overcast app has a better interface for searching for podcasts, so all my screenshots are form Overcast.

Using any one of these podcasts will work, but as I hinted at before - searching for podcasts to listen to is not easy. If you know the name of the podcast you are looking for, like The CuriousKirby Podcast, you should be able to find it easy enough within the app... if it is the only one with that name. Now, I think my podcast name is unique, but there are tons of duplicates for the more common names for podcasts. If you do not know a name and just want to search on a topic, it is the wild west out there. Searching for "art" will bring a huge number of podcasts available, but many of them are not about fine arts but instead about "state of the art" or "the art of" or some other topic. Along with that issue, finding the ones with active content is difficult as there are many podcasts that are no longer active. Many apps will give a small indicator of which ones have been discontinued, but as is the case with user-generated content, people will often not mark their podcast as discontinued and instead just quit producing (even though if asked, they may say they intend to get back to it someday). This is where Overcast shines... it will tell you whether a podcast is active and how active underneath the title when you select it from the results. I wish it would instead show the activity status directly on the search results page, but better than the alternatives.