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Mega Meta Podcast (The who what when where and why)

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Hello there!

Maybe you have found your way here because of the podcast or maybe you are one of our amazing customers or maybe you just came in through Google - either way, have I got some resources for you! Today we are going podcast crazy!

Whether you are new to podcasts or an old hat - this is the blog for you.

Now, seriously, I am a podcast addict. It's true. I've heard that once you admit to an addiction you are on the way to a cure, but I don't want to be cured of this one! I love podcasts. If you are not familiar with podcasting (although they've been going strong for the better part of two decades!), then think of it as a radio talk show on demand. In fact, I'd argue that they are much better than radio talk shows since those shows really depend on ratings right out of the gate and are often too extreme and sound-bitey for me. Instead, anyone can create a podcast and keep doing it as long as their own personal resources and will last. In this way there are tons of great independent podcasts that I love. There are also big podcast networks that support specific popular podcasts and tend to link a lot of the shows together to make it easier to find new podcasts. Finding new podcasts to listen to: that's probably the biggest hurdle to more widespread popularity, so after I describe how to get to podcasts, I will share my favorites as well.

I listen to podcasts while traveling and also while in my studio. They inform and entertain me while I work, drive or fly. They are easy to download, don't take up much storage space on a mobile device and can provide hours of listening please while you are otherwise busy.

Most podcasts are available to be listened to on their own website online, but the best experience is via the dozens of available podcast apps. Both the iPhone and Android phones have their own built in podcast app. These are good apps and will help you subscribe to podcasts so that you are notified when new episodes arrive. They also have search functions that will help you find new podcasts. But I personally love the Overcast app instead. I find the Overcast app has a better interface for searching for podcasts, so all my screenshots are form Overcast.

Using any one of these podcasts will work, but as I hinted at before - searching for podcasts to listen to is not easy. If you know the name of the podcast you are looking for, like The CuriousKirby Podcast, you should be able to find it easy enough within the app... if it is the only one with that name. Now, I think my podcast name is unique, but there are tons of duplicates for the more common names for podcasts. If you do not know a name and just want to search on a topic, it is the wild west out there. Searching for "art" will bring a huge number of podcasts available, but many of them are not about fine arts but instead about "state of the art" or "the art of" or some other topic. Along with that issue, finding the ones with active content is difficult as there are many podcasts that are no longer active. Many apps will give a small indicator of which ones have been discontinued, but as is the case with user-generated content, people will often not mark their podcast as discontinued and instead just quit producing (even though if asked, they may say they intend to get back to it someday). This is where Overcast shines... it will tell you whether a podcast is active and how active underneath the title when you select it from the results. I wish it would instead show the activity status directly on the search results page, but better than the alternatives.

Now that you have some podcasts, take a look at the All Episodes page. The podcasts are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent first. Clicking the information icon at the right of each listing will give you the information about that specific episode. If you decide you don't want to listen to that episode, choose the garbage can icon or just swipe left in the list. Clicking on a listing will let you play it as well as save it, share it, or organize the order you want to listen to it. If you find yourself skipping all of one podcast's episodes, click the information icon, then the link to the podcast name. You will end up on the podcast page and can then choose settings and unsubscribe.

If you want to dive in and create a podcast, it's shockingly easy technologically (although not necessarily as easy as far as content). Recording can be done through a mobile device or on a computer. There are free audio and video editing tools and apps, and many phones come with them preinstalled (like iMovie). Investing in a quality tool with good editing capability is a good idea, but not necessary to get started. Then once the audio is created, uploading into something like let's you get the podcast out to the world. Don't forget to share your podcast everywhere on social media and on your blog - remember that the podcast apps are horrible at search so you need to give people extra ways to find it. Don't worry too much if there are already podcasts about your subject because you will bring something new to the conversation and the fact that they exist means there is a market!

I would love to suggest some of the podcasts I love. Included is a brief description and a link to their own website where you can listen to and subscribe.

Art podcasts:

  • Art and Cocktails - This podcast is by the creator of CREATE! magazine and it has great interviews and good nuts and bolts discussion on how to be an artist, price work, market, and all the things an artist needs. This is a good one to go through the podcast archives and grab all the past episodes that catch your interest.

  • Art Grind - A trio (I think?) of artists in conversation. Sometimes you feel like you are sitting with them at a cocktail party - very informal. Some interviews. Find out what is trending and what other successful artists are thinking

  • Art Marketing Podcast - This podcast might be inactive. The last post is from December of 2018. But you can still go grab those older episodes addressing Facebook, websites and other marketing related posts.

  • Art Supply Posse - a podcast about the variety in art. Lots of different types of artists and ways they create their art.

  • ArtCurious - Yes, the word "curious" is here too but this is nothing at all like CuriousKirby. ArtCurious is a podcast about the history of art and the weird stories you may not have heard. Very entertaining and interesting. Go listen to the episode about Van Gogh (two parts)... that's the one that hooked me! I'm a huge fan!

  • Artists Helping Artists - This is the most comforting conversation between artists Leslie Saeta and Margaret Sheldon. They were the first real art podcast I found and they inspire me a lot when I listen to them as I work. They have very light and easy to follow episodes about art including instagram and marketing strategies. One of my favorites.

  • Artsy - This podcast, created by the website of the same name, is probably the most traditional sort of podcast about art history, theory, etc. It doesn't seem to be active anymore as the last episode was June of 2018. However, since the history of art is a gaping hole in my own knowledge, I think it may be worth the time to dive back into the past episodes.

  • ArtTactic - This podcast (and website) is about the big business of art. Trends, analysis, predictions, etc.

  • Breakfast with Sergio - Usually a near-daily short podcast (also youtube webcast) where Sergio Gomez covers a quick topic.

  • I Like Your Work - Great interviews with artists. Find out their process, thoughts, goals. One of my favorite art interview shows.

  • John Dalton - gently does it... - Great in depth interviews with artists. He doesn't seem to be posting much at the moment except for a few "in-betweenisodes" which makes me think he does seasons of content and we are currently off-season. Great archives of big name best selling artists.

  • The Next Level Podcast - Sergio Gomez, artist, curator, gallery owner and artist business coach, shares some of his wisdom on a variety of topics. He also interviews other professionals in various art-related fields. I was introduced to this podcast by a fellow artist and it is a great listen!

  • Red Dot Podcast - This podcast does not seem to be active any longer but it also has some great tips in the podcast archive and is by Jason Horejs who runs the Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ (local to me). It gives the gallery owner point of view which is often missing in some of the other podcasts.

  • Savvy Painter Podcast - This podcast is another great interview format podcasts. One of my favorites. Newly going to one podcast every two weeks which is a shame because I cannot get enough of this content!

  • BacktotheDrawingBoard - New! Added April 16. An artist interview podcast!

Marketing/Business podcasts:

  • Business of Design - AMAZING BUSINESS ADVICE. Yes, worth the all-caps treatment. Kimberly Seldon is an interior designer, not an artist, but her advice crosses boundaries and applies to pretty much any business and definitely any creative business. She's my business-crush.

  • Good To Be Home - This one is more of a lifestyle podcast instead of business/marketing, but really great advice in all quarters. And that the hosts, Russ and Mika, are local to me, make everything so much more personal. I don't miss an episode.

  • Simple Pin Podcast - So much attention is on Instagram in the art world, but Pinterest, even unattended, can drive a lot of traffic. This podcast is the best one I have found to address using Pinterest to its best potential.

  • The Goal Digger Podcast - Jenna Kutcher is the queen of social marketing. If you want to learn more about email lists, social media, marketing theory, or just plain old business advice, she's the go-to. Her energy level throughout this podcast is amazing - she pumps me up to get to work when I listen to her. She's my digital cup of joe.

  • The Side Hustle Project - A podcast showing you how your fun hobby can eventually grow to be either a second form of income or your entire career.

  • The Side Hustle Show - And another side hustle podcast to get you excited about putting your second business into action.

  • The Unpodcast - A podcast by marketing professionals that highlight things you should or hilariously should not do when marketing your business. This podcast could also fall into the entertaining category.

  • Voices of Search - This is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) podcast. It can be very technical but will give you a glimpse into how search engines work and how to make your website more Google-friendly.

  • Marketing School - New! Added April 16. Great short daily dose of marketing knowledge!

Just plain entertaining podcasts:

  • 99% Invisible - A podcast that explains in depth the things that are in plain view that we take for granted.

  • Futility Closet - Self-decribed as "An idler's miscellany of compendious amusements" and I can't describe it better. Weird historic news bits explained and researched in depth. So much fun. A caramel covered candy apple you got from the traveling carnival for your ears.

  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin - A podcast designed to help you live a happier life.

  • Reply All - A podcast that explains weird internet culture or events. They also trace down some internet scams to interesting and sometimes hilarious endings.

  • TED Radio Hour - Some of the best of TED talks as presented by NPR

  • TED Talks Daily - Daily broadcasts of historic TED talks presented by TED themselves.



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