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Podcast season 3 kicks off with a discussion with Jan and Rick Griggs about shipping, Twitch, more

Season 3 Episode 1 of the Curious Kirby Podcast is live!

In this episode, Jan and Rick Griggs join Kyle Elliott and Kirby Plessas in the Zoom studio to discuss the unexpected, inspired results of a creative dialogue between artistic media, creatives, and clients.

The wife and husband duo work in complementary media: Jan creates vibrant acrylic abstracts and florals on canvas and Rick produces statement pieces from live edge wood and stone.

Our conversation includes questions about what it takes to get fine art to their clients. Shipping fine art canvases and tables can be accomplished with great care and success without breaking the budget. Finally, Rick offers strategic tips for leveraging the Twitch platform as an artist, a creative way to connect with a supportive community with some unexpected results.

Jan’s work is acrylics on canvas or heavy watercolor paper with a variety of tools to move and manipulate the paint. “My artistic process is intuitive and spontaneous. My parameters are the color pallet I choose and the shape and size of the surface I am painting on. I have a very basic idea of what I want to create and let the flow of color and paint guide me.”

Rick's work is live edge tables, exotic wood decor, and custom wood pieces. "I combine nature (wood and stone) with my sense of architecture, style and imagination to create each work so its natural beauty and qualities flourish. Each piece is an experience in tactile and visual beauty."

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