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What the Fa-Chunk?!!

Contrary to popular opinion, there are some people out there that are actually working harder than ever before during this quarantined crisis. Of course the health care workers, teachers, grocery store employees, deliveries and post services, etc. But I know a lot of artists that are using this time to produce produce produce. Partly to build inventory but partly to also just give their emotions and creativity an outlet. They just can't help it.

I've also been busy. I've moved all my cyber seminars online, started webinars, am creating an artist resource (coming soon) and started a 3x a week art chat. And I'm interviewing people and producing this podcast.

Actually, this specific episode of the podcast was supposed to come out last week - but kept getting bumped in my to-do list by the next urgent task as well as the huge task that editing a podcast turns out to be.

So I fa-chunked it.

This podcast's interview is with the AMAZING Rafi and Klee. If you haven't heard of them, watched their videos, or listened to their podcast yet - you're welcome. Seriously, I love this duo. And they just released a video on fa-chunking (go watch it, I'll wait) which spoke to me and resulted in this post right now!

So, listen to the podcast and don't forget to join my art chat on Monday and Friday mornings 8Pacific/11Eastern and for Wednesday happy hour at 4Pacific/7Eastern. Morning chats have a topic while the happy hour is open to anything. To join, either message me on Instagram (@curiouskirby or @kirbyplessasart) or join my Curious Kirby Creatives Facebook group.

Enjoy the podcast.



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