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Podcast Season 2 is live! With Joyce Hagen of Big Walls Big Art

Season 2 kicks of in a "big" way! In this episode, I interview Joyce Hagen of (On Instagram @bigwallsbiggerart).

But before the interview, I discuss one of the basics for your social media marketing strategy - keep your viewers on your posts as long as possible. This isn't only to benefit you, but it will also benefit the social media tool you are using, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or even YouTube. The longer you can keep the attention of the viewer, the better for the social network and the more your posts will be shown via the algorithms. Listen to learn a few strategies.




IDX started in the mid 2000s, when the web was in its overall earliest stages and realtors and specialists acknowledged they could actually advance their postings on the web. Around a similar time, MLSs required a way for their individuals to have online admittance to their postings so every specialist could have more chances to advance postings idx website for realtors, draw in leads, and close arrangements. There were comparable posting sharing means for MLSs and specialists beforehand, yet at an expensive cost. Thus, just couple of specialists and dealers — those with huge wallets — could bear to incorporate MLS postings onto their sites.


Similar as the re-energizing and mind preparing benefits further develop critical thinking, portable games give new upgrades that can get expressive energies pumping mobile game development service, and gives your non-cognizant cerebrum a turn in the driver's seat.


YouTube showcasing is presently a fundamental piece of any special system. Whenever guests come to your channel youtube smm panel, they can get to your video content and connection back to your sites. They can likewise get to any happy you 'follow' - or even satisfied about your business that is shared on different channels.

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