Podcast Season 2 is live! With Joyce Hagen of Big Walls Big Art

Season 2 kicks of in a "big" way! In this episode, I interview Joyce Hagen of bigwallsbigart.com (On Instagram @bigwallsbiggerart).

But before the interview, I discuss one of the basics for your social media marketing strategy - keep your viewers on your posts as long as possible. This isn't only to benefit you, but it will also benefit the social media tool you are using, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or even YouTube. The longer you can keep the attention of the viewer, the better for the social network and the more your posts will be shown via the algorithms. Listen to learn a few strategies.



Curious Kirby Creatives

Sonoran Arts League

Judy Bruce Art

Cave Creek Contemporary

Hidden in the Hills

Books by Twyla Tharp

The Artist's Way


Sonoran Arts League Instructor's Bureau

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