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Teaching Art, Creating Community: Casey Cheuvront and John Gates

Fine art creatives John Gates and Casey Cheuvront join Curious Kirby in the Zoom studio to discuss plein air painting and highlight some outstanding art programs, including the Yosemite Conservancy Art Programs. Be sure to listen to our teaser at the end of the episode about an upcoming conversation about non-fungible tokens.

Casey Cheuvront is an impressionist oil painter who makes Southwest-themed nature and wildlife come to life, inspired by years spent hiking, exploring, mountain biking, and even hang gliding. Her favorite shoes are hiking boots. "I believe we are incomplete without a connection to, and appreciation of, the natural world, and that we should cherish and protect it... I want to promote deeper respect and connection with our vanishing wild places and the creatures that call them home."

John Gates is a watercolorist who paints in a mosaic or stained glass style to evoke a healing message about human brokenness. "Brokenness -- whether pieces of clay, glass, or in our lives-- can be overcome, and we can be put back together to be beautiful souls with meaningful lives. My art is a reminder and encouragement to focus on recovery, peace, and being whole, even if you feel like you are broken into pieces."

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Please enjoy the podcast and don't forget to join my art chats on Monday and Friday mornings 8 Pacific/11 Eastern and for Wednesday Happy Hour at 4 Pacific/7 Eastern. Monday chats have a topic, Friday is Zen Art Zoom, and Happy Hour is open to anything. To join, message me on Instagram (@curiouskirby or @kirbyplessasart) or join my Curious Kirby Creatives Facebook Group.

Music: Michael Shynes

Song: A Sweet Suspicion



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