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Time Management and Flying By the Creative Seat of our Pants with Laurie Fagen and Cheryl Cocroft

Mystery writers Laurie Fagen and Cheryl Cocroft join the Curious Kirby team in the Zoom studio for a dynamic discussion about multi-tasking versus time management, project management versus visualization, and outlining versus flying by the seat of one's pants. The values and practices of these creatives are a joy to learn about - picture Laurie as the consummate juggler and Cheryl keenly focused with creative writing flowing from her fingertips. What can we learn from how they do what they do?

Cheryl Cocroft is the author of mysteries featuring unusual characters and strange situations inspired by past encounters and present settings. Cheryl lived and worked in London for twenty-five years until she moved to Cave Creek, Arizona. Her books, Spokane Words: A Twisted Tale from Luna's Attic, and its sequel, Twice Dead, are available on Amazon. See Cheryl's photography on her Instagram page, too!

Connect with author Laurie Fagen through one (or more!) of her many media. A prolific multi-media creative, Laurie's books are available on Amazon - a special shoutout to Fade Out and Dead Air, available on Audible- and on The award-winning fiber artist designs and creates contemporary fiber art and wearable art, designs jewelry, and sculpts in polymer and fiber clay. Laurie's work has been seen in galleries and exhibits in Arizona, California, Iowa, and North Carolina. Laurie teaches a variety of classes and workshops and is a member of the Sonoran Arts League, Arizona Quilters Guild / Mavericks Chapter, Arizona Polymer Clay Guild, and Arizona Production Association.

Laurie Fagen and Cheryl Cocroft

Reach out to Cheryl Cocroft:

Please enjoy the podcast and don't forget to join my art chats on Monday and Friday mornings 8 Pacific/11 Eastern and for Wednesday Happy Hour at 4 Pacific/7 Eastern. Monday chats have a topic, Friday is Zen Art Zoom, and Happy Hour is open to anything. To join, message me on Instagram (@curiouskirby or @kirbyplessasart) or join my Curious Kirby Creatives Facebook Group.

Music: Michael Shynes Song: A Sweet Suspicion



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